About Us


ReddiNet® Provides Essential Emergency Medical Communications

ReddiNet is a flexible emergency medical communications network that links hospitals, EMS agencies, paramedics, dispatch centers, law enforcement, public health departments and other health care system participants within local and regional communities. From its humble beginnings as a voice radio system 27 years ago to its current fifth generation software, ReddiNet has indeed had a strong impact on emergency medical communications over the last quarter century.


Soraya Peters
Vice President

Image of Soraya Peters

Before I came to ReddiNet, I thought I had the best job ever—working with astronauts. It was exciting and meaningful. But when I joined ReddiNet, it became my best job ever. When I think about our nurses and paramedics—what they do, who they help—I understand what is on the line every time I get a call for help. It is not about fixing hardware or software, it is about someone’s life. The mission is so close to my heart. I feel their need; I feel their intensity. I want them to do their job well. I want to be there for them, always. 


Norma Lopez
Business Coordinator

Image of Norma Lopez

I have been with ReddiNet for 16 years, supporting our customers in an administrative role. Now I have the opportunity to work in the field with our customers, and see firsthand how they use the system during disasters and on a daily basis. ReddiNet plays an important role in emergency medical communications and response, and I take pride in knowing that I am a part of that. ReddiNet has evolved through the years, but one thing that stays the same is our commitment to our customers. Our improvements come from listening to them. That is vital to us.


Wendy Wainwright
Operations Coordinator

Image of Wendy Wainwright

In my role as Operations Coordinator I wear a lot of different hats, and no two days are alike. But the one thing that remains constant is the commitment to provide the best possible service to our customers. Everyone on the team adheres to the principle that our customers’ needs come first. When I first joined ReddiNet I was surprised at how great the working relationship is between ReddiNet and our customers, but now it makes perfect sense to me. It’s one of the things I enjoy most about my job.


Brian McPherson
Technical Support

Image of Brian McPherson

When I started working with ReddiNet I knew that the system was important. Now almost 10 years later, I know that what makes ReddiNet so special is that our team listens to our customers, and truly wants to evolve our products for you. ReddiNet is driven to provide not only a state of the art communications system, but also to introduce foward-thinking innovations that make a real difference. I’m excited for the future and proud to be a part of a team dedicated 365 days a year to supporting emergency medical communications and saving lives.