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Emergency Management
Real world solution for real world needs

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Emergency medical professionals designed ReddiNet® to address real world needs. Our emergency communications system uses flexible, reliable technology to link hospitals, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies, first responders and public health officials in times of crisis and daily operations. ReddiNet is the only system extensively using both commercial grade satellite and local internet to ensure the most fault-tolerant emergency communications available.

Today, more than 300 emergency response organizations exclusively rely on ReddiNet’s versatile system for: 

Emergency Medical Communications

Connects all hospitals, EMS agencies and service providers within regional health care systems for optimized timely, accurate communication and response coordination.

Hospital Diversion

Displays real-time, regional and inter-regional diversion data and available resources.

Mass Casualty Incident Management 

Special screens allow data input on patient capacity, victim identification and dispatch information to evenly and accurately distribute patients to waiting hospitals.

Disaster Management

The virtual command and control center helps manage emergency transport, treatment locations, resource allocation and victim identification.

Assessment Polls

An all-purpose resource assessment function provides flexible assessment screens with pre-determined questions and room for spontaneous polling for bed availability, bed census, and flu tracking among others.


Assessment polling screens capture key syndromic or encounter data used by public health officials to track and analyze trends.

Flexible Messaging

Open-ended messaging and alert function facilitates inter-facility and inter-regional communications, allowing the user to create or insert any message needed.