Utilizing the emergency response network
Elderly tourists need help communicating after an MCI.

Image of Utilizing the emergency response network

A long-term care facility answered the call when the accident victims didn’t speak English.

How ReddiNet Helped

When a bus transporting a group of 80 elderly Chinese tourists was involved in an MCI en route to Las Vegas, first responders had a different type of emergency on their hands – a language barrier.Taking advantage of ReddiNet’s Messages Module, the call went out for anyone who could help translate. Participating in the local emergency response network, a nearby long-term care facility received the message, and quickly dispatched three staff members to assist.The Cantonese-speaking staff were able to help the victims describe their injuries, and assist with reuniting friends and family members.  

ReddiNet’s power as a fast and effective messaging tool and the strong and diverse network of health care facilities that use the ReddiNet system worked provide needed help to patients in both physical and emotional distress.