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Responsive Customer Care
ReddiNet's customer care ensures your success

Prompt, responsive customer care is the cornerstone of ReddiNet Emergency Medical Communications. From personalized training sessions to our round-the-clock helpdesk, and from conducting disaster drills to almost 30 years of field experience—ReddiNet works for your success.

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Security & Safety Active Shooter Drill
Realistic shooter experience helps hospitals be prepared

Image of Security & Safety Active Shooter Drill

Hospital emergency rooms can be particularly vulnerable to gun violence and assaults.  Exercises to safely experience an active shooter give you and your staff the tools needed to respond quickly and safely to minimize casualties. Designed by the Hospital Association of Southern California’s Security and Safety Committee, an Active Shooter Drill was held in March 2013 at the former LAC-USC Medical Center in Los Angeles. ReddiNet team members observed to gain insights on protocols and ReddiNet’s end user needs.Watch the video for chillingly realistic highlights of the drill in progress. For materials to help you prepare your own drill, click here:

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FEMA Emergency Response Training
Learning side-by-side with our hospital partners

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Throughout the year, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers intensive Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness training at the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) in Anniston, Alabama. The training is designed to provide hospital professionals with the knowledge needed to respond quickly and effectively to a catastrophic disaster.

The Noble Training Facility, part of the CDP, is the nation’s only hospital dedicated to disaster preparedness and response training.

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ReddiNet covers all learning styles and time commitments.

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Everyone learns differently. With ReddiNet, you will find a number of training options to ensure your hospital staff, team of EMS workers, or other participating first responders are proficient and practiced.

We understand experience can make a difference in saving a life or losing one. That’s why we look to you for innovative ways to train responders so they are practiced on and comfortable with ReddiNet’s functionality. In addition to creating user-defined features, we tailor our learning platforms for responders based on your input. Online learning modules, independent in-person training sessions, specialty webinars and simulated, interactive sessions ensure you are prepared to use ReddiNet when it counts most. 

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Technical Support
ReddiNet responds quickly.

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The ReddiNet Technical Support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. When you call, you will always find a live staff person on the line. We answer 90% of your inquiries on the first call so you can carry on with your work. Emergency response waits for no one. Your job is critical and your system needs to be in working order all the time. We get that!

In addition to resolving your system issues promptly, we send you a monthly recap of your service calls. This way you can see what issues occurred and how they were resolved. You can use the reports to identify potential issues in training, shifts or facility. They’re also another way for us to improve ReddiNet so that you are always response-ready. Contact us at 800.440.7808.


Advisory Groups/Collaboration
We actively participate in your community.

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To keep up our knowledge, our team attends your State and local EMS meetings. We stay up-to-date on your community issues, can collaborate on new policies and procedures, and can receive face-to-face feedback about specific changes you would like to see in ReddiNet.