General information

ReddiNet offers flexibility to grow with your organization.

Image of Scalability

Depending on the size of your region, your agency, and your network, your emergency medical communications challenges will vary. Our secure software provides customizable interface, redundancy and hardware options that make your ReddiNet Emergency Medical Communications system just the right fit for your organization. Start with the basics, and then add options as you strengthen your network.


Six different modules give you a choice of focused, yet robust functionality at a great value. Hospital Status, Mass Casualty Incident, Assessment, Messages, Bed Capacity, and Data Exchange modules are all competitively priced and are available as a complete package or as individual modules so you get exactly the data you need. 


Unlike most competitors, ReddiNet offers two levels of interface options that enable interoperability with almost any other emergency communications system. Anything that fits within our standard API presents one basic level of interoperability. For an additional fee, you can interface with event management, electronic patient care records, hospital incident command, and computer assisted dispatch systems for the ultimate in scalability. 


ReddiNet operates using multiple layers of communication channels for maximum reliability. Operate ReddiNet using your local area network or opt for the addition of commercial-grade satellite service. ReddiNet contracts with HughesNet to provide you with guaranteed round-the-clock backup coverage, ensuring access to critical emergency medical information if your local network is down. You can also expand your satellite service to back up ReddiNet and other critical functions during disasters. 

Response-Ready Unit

In some locations, ReddiNet offers a dedicated response-ready unit, setting apart your emergency communications system as a single, satellite-powered component. Independent of other software, the private network is ready whenever you need it—for day-to-day emergency functions or mass disasters and crises. We supply the hardware and ongoing maintenance—all you need is to do is take action.