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ReddiNet can plug and play with any of your systems.

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The ReddiNet Emergency Medical Communications system takes sharing critical data to a new level.  We understand one size does not fit all, so ReddiNet offers customization options and standard interface capabilities on every part of our system. Optimize your disaster response with a tool that works as a stand-alone unit or in combination with other products you may already have in place.


Each of ReddiNet’s six modules can interface with one another. But unlike most competitors, ReddiNet also offers interface options that enable interoperability with almost any other emergency communications system. That means you can mix and match our already comprehensive package with other products and tools for seamless communications related to event management, hospital incident command, bed availability, patient care records and computer-assisted dispatch.


Build the emergency communications system you want based on ReddiNet’s customization options. Whether you need the system to have multiple interfaces, have the budget for five instead of six modules, or if you want satellite-based service to back up all of your critical functions during a disaster, ReddiNet is flexible enough to adapt to your organization’s needs and your region’s requirements.