What is ReddiNet?


What is ReddiNet?
ReddiNet offers flexibility to grow with your organization.

ReddiNet is a dedicated emergency medical communications network. It facilitates information exchange among hospitals, EMS agencies, paramedics, dispatch centers, law enforcement, homeland security, public health officials and other health care system professionals in local and regional communities.  Our unique interoperability makes us the optimal emergency medical communications system to share time-sensitive information among professionals on our health system’s front lines.

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Emergency Management
Real world solution for real world needs

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Emergency medical professionals designed ReddiNet® to address real world needs. Our emergency communications system uses flexible, reliable technology to link hospitals, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies, first responders and public health officials in times of crisis and daily operations. ReddiNet is the only system extensively using both commercial grade satellite and local internet to ensure the most fault-tolerant emergency communications available.

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Healthcare Technology
Basics of ReddiNet Technology

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ReddiNet Emergency Communications incorporates the latest technology to keep you and your team connected to the critical information you need to assess and deploy resources in a disaster. Industry-leading data centers, fail-safe backup systems, and a variety of alerts are just a few of the tools that make ReddiNet one of the leading choices for first responders.